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Our first contest went so amazingly well we decided to make it a recurring event. (See winners and their projects here.)

We select up to 50 of our favorite industry professional detailers and challenge them to put Ulen's Polish products to the test. 

They each get an 8oz bottle of Ulens Polish to use on their next tough project and are judged based on the outcome and quality of their work. 

Once they post the results on their social media outlets, they are automatically entered to win prizes.

Winner receives $500 - Second Place $300 - Third Place $200

Keep reading for CONTEST DETAILS


For a detailed look at our history and how we went from the 1930’s to now, click here.

Any polish will work on minor swirls and scratches, but where Ulen’s Auto Polish really shines in oxidation removal, cleaning out surface contaminants, and paint overspray. 

From our own decades of experience and in talking with other detailers, you achieve the best results when the product is really worked into the finish.

Why does Ulen’s Auto Polish work better the more you work it into the paint finish?

The polish works best as it heats up due to its higher oil content. The more you work it in, the better it does to get down into the pores of the paint finish and really clean out all the dead finish and oxidation. 

This product works best on finishes that are 5+ years, single stage or lacquer, so if you’ve got clients that are in need of a complete transformation this contest is for you! 


In total we will be awarding $1,000 to the top 3 transformations. 

Submissions for Contest #2 must be in by October 5th.

Winners will be picked by public vote based on BEST, MOST AMAZING transformation photography and/or videography. 

The more dramatic the better!

Multiple entries will be accepted, however you can only receive one entry per feel free to enter multiple cars that you have transformed! 

You must post a photo and/or video to your social media, and include the tags @ulenspolish, #ulenspolish and #ulensautopolish. 

PRO TIPS: (We're not big on rules, but these are suggestions that have produced good results.)

  • 1 Before Video, 1 After Video, 2 Before Photos and 2 After Photos
  • Videos should be a minimum of :15 seconds
  • Clearly show Ulen's Polish being used
  • Describe the care make, model, year and what problem you're using Ulen's for
  • Tag @ulenspolish #ulenspolish #ulenscarpolish 
  • It helps to show dramatic Before and After images in both video and photos. See below.

Email Videos and Photos to:

Participation in the contest authorizes Ulen’s Marketing to use/share any/all content on our social media, blogs, website, and promotional materials. 

Best of luck, and we can’t wait to see what you and Ulen’s can do!