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How do you pick the right auto polish for the job?

Ulens Car Polish

Photo by Paul Trienekens on Unsplash

Did you know that most auto polishes aren’t effectively cleaning and caring for the surface of your car?

Kept a secret for decades, there’s a patented formula, used exclusively by the #1 auto overspray company, that can bring dead car finishes back to life - in one single treatment!

And it can last for months. 

Keep reading to find out how and why this is the best automotive polish in the business. 

Tips on picking the best automotive polish - pick your polish like you would sandpaper!

There are many ways to get dead finish off your vehicle, and of course many products as well. 

Think about your car's finish like a piece of wood. 

If your dining room table looks anything like mine, you can instantly envision what I am talking about.

There are sharpie marks, food stains, lines and scratches from years of homework and number 2 pencils. And for the love, all the glue and glitter residue. 

You don’t have to be a carpenter to know, to tackle these blemishes you aren’t going to bust out your orbital sander with 40 grit sandpaper. 

Your goal isn’t to blast the table into oblivion. It just needs some love to buff out the wear, enhance it’s natural beauty, and restore the finish. 

So, you start with a medium grit and finish with a fine polishing paper. 

With that last 1000 grit piece of sandpaper, you aren’t just scratching away the scars of time, but you're enhancing the beauty, smoothing the surface, you’ve given the table new life instead of just scraping it all off. 

When it comes to automotive polishes and compounds, you’ll find the same spectrum of “grit” as you would with sandpaper. 

So choose the right polish for the job! 

Ulen’s Auto Polish is for restoration.

Auto Polish

Are you a restoration expert or simply restoring an old car for a hobby? 

Either way, you need to know what the best restoration polish is for your vintage or antique car. 

There are compounds out there that will cut the paint right off the finish. 

They are aggressive and will most certainly get that scratch well as the protective finish around it, and likely a host of swirl marks. 

You’re left with exposed paint that will oxidize quicker and leave your ride looking more worse for the wear than the original scratch itself. 

That certainly wasn’t your goal.

Some scratches and gouges need that cut, but they may paint touch up as well. 

Ulen’s Auto Polish keeps the original finish intact, think of it as your 1000 grit sandpaper. It’s not strong enough to cut the original finish. It’s strength is applied only to the dead finish, working on getting it OUT, without taking everything off with it.

How do automotive polishes work?

It’s all about the pores.

Jim Gerencser of Nationwide Overspray has been restoring paint finishes for the biggest names in the automotive and insurance industries since the 1980’s. 

Even back then he knew Ulen’s was special, but that didn’t stop him from testing other methods and products as he built his business to be the best among his competitors. In all those years, nothing has come close to Ulen’s Automotive Polish. 

According to automotive expert, Big Jim Gerencser, 

“Ulen’s acts like Scrubbing literally goes in and takes the dead finish that’s inside the pores and safely removes it, dissolves it, and brings it to the surface. It’s on the towel - it’s gone! Other products have already dried by now, and they’ve never even thought about going down into the finish & removing the crap that’s inside there.” 

Ulen’s is doing what no other products are successful at. It gets down into the pores of the finish - yes your car’s paint finish has pores. 

We know the world of automotive maintenance, repair, and restoration is grimey, gritty, and greasy, but who are we kidding? 

We love pampering our rides, and it’s important to know how and why. 

When our cars look good, so do we. So, if you haven’t read our previous post on how Ulen’s treats the finish like skin, it’s a good read. 

How do I protect my car’s finish? By feeding it!

Auto Polish Shine

Back to our dining room table. 

You’re done sanding and you can see all the intricacies of the wood grain, each line, curve and knot...but something is missing. It still needs a finishing oil or wax to both nourish the wood and protect it from future damage. 

Luckily for you and your car, Ulen’s Polish was moisturizing your paint finish all while cleaning and buffing out the imperfections. 

There isn’t another step! 

You’ve done it. As you worked the polish on the surface, our trade secret emulsifier allowed the oil in Ulen’s to penetrate the pores. 

And science 101 will remind us that water and oil are not friends, so as the oil makes its way into your finish, the water (along with all the dirt, oxidation, and dead finish), rise to the surface, out of your finish and onto the towel. 

Ulen’s Auto Polish feeds the finish! 

What is the best polish if you don’t own a buffer?

There really is only one answer. Ulen’s Auto Polish.

You absolutely can achieve a buffer shine on your vehicle with a little elbow grease and the 100% terry cloth towels that are included with your purchase of Ulen’s auto polish.

It is a NO BUFF solution specifically formulated to restore your lacquer paint. 


We think everyone needs a bottle of Ulen’s polish under the sink or in the garage. That’s why we’re offering 25% off your first bottle. 

Use code FIRSTULENS at checkout.

AND… for the first 100 orders, we’ll throw in 3 FREE finish towels. These are the 3 towels recommended to do the job perfectly. You can watch Big Jim, a professional with 30+ years experience, demonstrate how to use Ulen’s auto polish the right way in this video.

Why is the paint cracking on my car?

Other products only get the dead finish off the top, and at the same time dries it out. That is what leads to a cracked paint surface.

Without knowing it, you’ve only done half the job and left the finish lacking moisture and protection. 

Instead of purchasing more products, next time, pick the right one for the job - Ulen’s Automotive Polish. 

Look for upcoming posts on what your ideal car care toolkit should look like. 

We will break down what other products to incorporate along with Ulen’s, when to use each, and why. It’s a good idea for beginners and pros alike to take a look at their product lineup and make sure each has earned a spot in the kit.