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Classic Car Polish

Photo by Matthew Lancaster on Unsplash

What would you say if we told you there was now a polish on the market that has been kept a trade secret for decades? 

And what if we told you it was the secret weapon used exclusively by the #1 auto overspray company to bring dead finishes back to life. Would you want in on the secret?

One single treatment from this polish can last months, and lucky for you the secret is out. 

If you’ll read a little further, we’ll let you in on the product that has been polishing the best of the automotive industry since the 1930’s. So, what is the best polish for classic cars? We’ll tell you.

What is your favorite classic car, and how do you care for it?

“They don’t make ‘em like they used to.”

We’ve all said it, and we have certainly all meant it!

How many of you are nostalgic for the old days, especially when it comes to cars? Revisiting the decades never disappoints. 

A personal favorite of mine is a 1967 Chevy C10, 283 CUI, fleet side, small back window, wooden bed, 3 on the tree - perfection. 

Building a new wooden deck was my high school woodshop project, and man was I proud. I think about that truck more now than I ever did when I owned it, and someday I’ll own one again. 

It’s not the only classic I’m partial to, but I very clearly have a type. I also drool at the thought of a 1969 Hugger Orange DZ302 Chevy Camaro. I imagine myself drag racing a Mustang, blowing by it like it’s standing still - sorry Ford lovers. 

I know you have a favorite, and oftentimes that car so says much about us. 

I love talking to other car guys about their dream car. It’s like you instantly know so much about them with that one simple bit of information. 

But the conversation never stops there - there is always a backstory to share. 

Was it the car their dad or grandpa drove? 

Is it where they had their first kiss? 

Did they work every summer to save up and buy their first car?

You want to hear the history just as much as the person sharing wants to relive those memories. 

That’s what car people do. 

Reminiscing about cars unites the 30’s Model A guy with the one who’d pick an 80’s Delorean, despite their obvious differences. Shop talk is a universal language.

So, is there an automotive polish that revives antiques and classic cars?

shine classic car

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

How has auto paint changed over time? 

In the 1930’s Ulen’s Auto Polish was developed in Mason City, IA (more on our history here) by Olaf Ulen, a body shop owner looking for a product that would not work only on paint surfaces, but on wood finishes as well. 

Since we are talking the early 20th century, when we say paint surfaces that means ANYTHING that has been painted (metal, wood etc). 

Back then it was all given a coat of lacquer. 

Lacquer had been around since the 20’s, and now in the 30’s auto makers started using newer technology - enamel. 

In the time Olaf was working to develop Ulen’s Auto Polish, he was really trying to develop a product that worked on both the old style lacquer, as well as the new finishes being developed. 

So, while the auto polish has been around for decades, it wasn’t just created to solve a problem unique to the time period. It was created to stand the test of time in an ever evolving industry. 

Classic Car Polish

Photo by David Straight on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why your red paint turns pink?

In the early 20th century, when you first laid auto paint down it would have a lot of orange peel in it. It had to be sanded down and buffed out before it would look GREAT. 

And cars back then weren’t just red, they were FIRE ENGINE or CANDY APPLE red. A real hot rod. 

Shiny, sexy, cool. 

You felt invincible in that car...for about a year. 

365 days of oxidation and exposure turned those gorgeous red hues pink! Pink was not hot, not sexy, not cool. So, you bust out your buffer and get it looking good again. 

There’s that red. 

Now it’s only 6 months later and it seems that pink has returned harder and faster. That buff job didn’t cut it. 

You weren’t cleaning the dead finish out, you were simply cleaning it off, without really nourishing the healthy finish as you went. 

Olaf Ulen understood these paint properties and created a polish that buffed off the imperfections, but also worked to penetrate the pores of the surface and clean OUT the stuff that was really the culprit to why your paint finish declined faster with each buff.  

What is the best polish for Urethane paints?

No paint finish is perfect, they all have their downsides. 

Lacquers and enamels oxidize quickly, clear coats peeled away from their basecoat, but urethanes...could they solve all our paint problems? 

Fortunately for our cars today, urethane paint finishes are the most durable to date. 

They were specifically made to resist oxidation and chipping.

Ulen’s was specifically designed for lacquer paint finishes, and should be used as a restoration product. So if you’ve got a new, urethane paint finish, Ulen’s is NOT the product for you. 

How do you want to spend your weekends?

Don’t get me wrong, it is a good day when I get to spend it in my garage tweaking this, tuning that, and shining my baby up. 

A good restorative polish job over your entire car will take you a good bit of time, but it is oh so worth it. 

Don’t have a buffer? No problem, Ulen’s is a no buff solution to achieve results that previously could ONLY be achieved with a buffer. 

And the best part is, after all that hard weekend work, the results can last for months. 

Because let’s be honest. 

How many of us have a spouse? Me! 

What about kids at home? Me, again! 

A killer social life because you are retired and have all the free time in the world? Definitely not me, but we all value our weekends. 

Any time spent with family or friends, travelling, or on another hobby is time well spent. 

The best hobby of all? 

A Sunday drive. 

Windows down, or top off if you have a convertible. Just you, your ride, and the road.

Classic Car Restoration

Photo by serjan midili on Unsplash

What is the best auto polish to preserve the original paint? Ulen’s of course.

When you work on your car, when you get her looking good, you want your hard work to last. 

It’s why Ulen’s is such an important product to have in your toolkit. 


We think everyone needs a bottle of Ulen’s polish under the sink or in the garage. That’s why we’re offering 25% off your first bottle. 

Use code FIRSTULENS at checkout.

AND… for the first 100 orders, we’ll throw in 3 FREE finish towels. These are the 3 towels recommended to do the job perfectly. You can watch Big Jim, a professional with 30+ years experience, demonstrate how to use Ulen’s auto polish the right way in this video.

With one polish your car’s surface is cleaned, cured, protected and most importantly preserved. 

This amazing car polish finish can last for months! 

So, classic car guy with older paint technology? Ulen’s has you covered. Especially if you are lucky enough to have an original patina you are looking to preserve. 

Someday I’ll trade it in my practical family sedan for that Chevy C10, and I’ll trust Ulen’s Auto Polish to keep it clean, sleek, and protected from oxidation, swirl marks, and surface scratches.