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Did you know your car’s old finish can be rejuvenated just like old skin? 

In fact, experts who spend their careers restoring automotive paint finishes think about paint just like skin. 

It has layers that are exposed to harsh weather conditions and toxic chemicals.

It has pores that get clogged with dirt and dead finish.

As paint ages it loses luster, gets cracked and dried out - highlighting its age. 

But as the pros know, there is a unique way to bring your car’s skin back to life.

There’s actually a secret car polish formula, that was used exclusively by the #1 auto overspray company for years, that can reverse the damage - in one single treatment! 

And this amazing car polish finish can last for months.

In fact, if you read just a little bit further, we will show you how this auto polish can actually increase the value of your car.

Some cars look as youthful and sexy as the day they came off the line, while others remind you of a haggard musician - a hard life lived.  

Well, they either have a killer car care routine, or gasp!, they’ve had work done - a new paint job.

Don’t get us wrong, a new paint job isn’t a bad thing, but it is costly. 

And what if you don’t want to change the original patina, but are looking for a way to bring it back to life, restore its youthful glow, maybe even turn some heads on the streets again.

High shine, healthy finish, and the life polished back into her coat. You know you want it. 


 Photo by Racool_studio on FreePik


Understanding the properties of your car’s paint and finish is why Ulen’s Auto Polish is so effective in caring for it. 

We simply treat it like skin - keep it clean, keep it nourished, keep it protected and healthy. 

Ulen’s Auto Polish is an oil and water based polish, combined with a specially designed emulsifier. 

To put it simply, this is the formula that makes it work. It is NOT silicon based, and it will not seal the coat or leave a dirt grabbing film like cheap polishes.

Ulen’s polish starts out separated - you can see the simplicity from the start. Oil and water. 

Nothing to coat or seal your surface. Admittedly, other polishes that contain sealing properties will give you the “shiny” look as promised, but will also quickly fade and lead to accelerated oxidation. 

Your paint needs to breathe!


We think everyone needs a bottle of Ulen’s polish under the sink or in the garage. That’s why we’re offering 25% off your first bottle.  Use code FIRSTULENS at checkout.

AND… for the first 100 orders, we’ll throw in 3 FREE finish towels. These are the 3 towels recommended to do the job perfectly. You can watch Big Jim, a professional with 30+ years experience, demonstrate how to use Ulen’s auto polish the right way in this video.


So much of car maintenance, repair, and restoration requires strength or heavy lifting. 

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to work a normal polish product, you can not and will not get the restorative oil to penetrate the tiny pores of a paint finish without effectively diluting it with water. 

Our emulsifier separates Ulen’s from other car polishes, and if you’ve read up on our history, it’s why it has been kept a trade secret for so long. 

As you work Ulen’s Auto Polish into the surface with a damp cloth, you are working the product into the pores, cleaning OUT the dirt, oxidation, and dead finish. Let us be clear, you are not cleaning them OFF you are cleaning them OUT.

As you finish by removing any excess water with a dry towel, you are setting the product, but you HAVE NOT SEALED it. The nourishing oil is set in the pores, allowing your paint’s finish to breathe. It’s able to contract and expand in changing weather conditions, preventing cracks and other tell-tale signs of aging. 


According to automotive expert, Big Jim Gerencser, 

“If the finish continues to streak after you’re done cleaning it, it’s not clean! Period. No matter what product you are using. Other products never clean out the finish, so it always will streak. What Ulen’s does, it gets all the dead finish out completely.” 

Big Jim has used Ulen’s auto polish for 30 years in his automotive overspray company - Nationwide Automotive and in fact gives Ulen’s big credit in helping him beat the competition.

“Ulen’s auto polish is so good insurance companies and car makers call on us when no one else can save an overspray disaster.”

Used car dealers know the power of a beautifully finished car surface. 

In fact, they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars detailing their cars because studies show clean and shining cars is the number one reason car buyers stop to look and to buy.


We know trying new products on your car can be scary. 

After all, it’s not just a car, it’s your baby. You have invested time and money, and it doesn’t just get you from A to B. 

It’s a project you worked on with a relative, building special memories.

It was the first big purchase you made with your own money, or you finally bought that classic car you have dreamed of since you were a kid.  

You trust it to safely transport you and your family on a road trip of a lifetime...or maybe just to school and back.

Either way, Ulen’s understands. We are a family run business, and the product itself has been around since the 1930’s. Read more about our history. We have stood the test of time, and look forward to earning your trust with a spot in your car toolkit.